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Available Bears


He is a more youthful bear.

Please read the description

below to find out more

about Clancy

His adoption fee is,

$700USD plus

$30 USD shipping

Description list:

Clancy Realistic Style Bear
14 inches (35.5 centimeters)

 Many hours and different techniques were used into creating this realistic character bear. Because of the process used, you see no seams. It gives a more natural look. I build my bears from real bear photos.
There is no pattern used to create his face and no two bears will be the same.
This Truly creates a unique and one of a kind bear.

He standing about 14" tall and 9 1/2" sitting.
A nice brown mohair fabric was used to create him.
Extensive facial detailing with firmly felted muzzle and nose
With Strands of mohair being rooted into his felted face. Needle sculpting, scissor sculpting and
hand shading added to give him a more realistic look.

The nose is not added on but part of the muzzle with the needle felting process. Sculpting, sealed, sanded and
shaded many times over to create a more realistic nose.

He has a bottom lid. Looking at real bear photos I have noticed some stick out the bottom lip.
It brings out so much character.
He has realistic glass eye. Open/closed eye lids. The bottom lid is fixed in place
where the top lid will move up and down. You can have him awake, sleepy or sleeping.
I like to believe he is alive and looking at you.

Acrylic claws are shaped, coloured and sealed.

The foot and paw pads are made from leather. They are distressed and hand coloured. I wanted them to have the appearance of worn feet. He has the extra round pad added to the paws like the real bears have.
Some hand shading on the arms and legs.

Disc jointed at all four limbs. His arms and legs also a type of armature to help with posing. Instead of a neck joint there is a type of armature which runs from the head down the back like a spine.

He has been filled with a combination of polyester, pellets
and bbs for weight and stuffed fairly soft which allows for loads of movement.

You will receive a picture hang tag, a Certificate of Authenticity and his special rag ball he plays with.

This bear is made for adult collectors only. Not be suitable for children.
My bears come from a smoke free home.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me. 


He is a sweet gentle bear.

Please read the description below to find out more about Benton.


Please Note

 My bears are Adult collector bears.

  Not safe for small children.

All my Bears and Critters

 come from a smoke free home.

  All created by Linda Hearn,

 Critters Creations.

  If you have any questions....

 be sure to drop me an


  Thanks for stopping by!!

       Come again soon to see more critters and bears!

Where I Sell  my bears 

You will find available bears;

On my web site

Ebay - ID (hearncreations)

Bear Pile



Half down then The rest over 3 months. Depending on
how much the item is will determine the amount paid each month.
I do not charge fees for my layaway service.
I do not refund your deposit / payment if you change your mind or give up
before completion of your Layaway / Layby.
If require a little longer layaway please let me know at time of purchase. I am flexible
and happy to help you adopt your bear. C
Contact me if you would like to do a layaway on one of my available  bears.

[email protected]