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Whats In A Bear


 What is an Artist Bear?


Well it is a bear that has been designed and created by a


 single person, a Bear Artist!


 What is in a bear?


Besides love and care…...I only use quality materials such


as mohair, genuine fur, synthetic plush.  I have even made


 a bear from a ladies mohair sweater.


 Joints are made from fibreboard disks, cotterpins and/or


 locknuts. Sometimes to add weight, I will use plastic


 pellets or steel shot along with polyester stuffing. For a


 more poseable bear different types of armatures are


 used…maybe even a double neck.


  I use glass eyes that may be hand painted and add eye


 lids. For pawpads I may use ultrasuede, felt, suede and a


 variety of materials along with claws. How about an open


 mouth with teeth and a tongue! 


A nose may be embroidered, waxed, made of leather and


 clay. I enjoy applying different techiques such as needle


 felting, scissor sculpting and needle sculpting (soft


sculpting). The paws may be appliqued, trapunto, or needle


 scuplted to make those puffy little toes!


Airbrushing, paint, or pencil for shading to add depth for


 personality. I could go on and on as the sky is the limit to


 the creators imagination in customizing a bear to be one


 of a kind!





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